Shamanic Sound Journey

Come for a journey to hear the call of Earth Mother this Sunday.

Sunday 7-9pm

Anand Yoga Village, Palolem, Goa


DM in advance for attendance

Join us for a journey into your Soul calling, and welcome in your fullest potential.

During this sound journey you will be guided into a trance like state to connect deeply to Earth Mother, to hear what she is calling for, to hear your earth call. What are you here for? What do you need to shed? What do you desire to unleash?

Saraswati Vanisha is an experienced shamanic sound and voice healer who works with the deep energies of the earth and sound vibration, she brings the tribal call of Earth Mother during her sound journeys for all who are in need of receiving E​​arth and Sound Medicine.

The Earth is calling us, are you ready to listen? 🌏


  • Entry fee: 500


Mar 05 2023


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Anand Yoga Village
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