Our next step is leveling up by building professional customised business websites for local business owners at the lowest possible cost.
Our first focus lies on connecting and visiting business owners primarily in South Goa to generate awareness and to enquire about their needs in person.

Our start-up company: More Impact

We design and cocreate a customised website tailored to your business needs at the most affordable rates, using the latest technology.
We believe very strongly in this mission and therefore we have created our start-up business More Impact LLP. We achieve building low-cost-and-high-value websites by being more creative in finding affordable solutions. We use the most economic and up to date technology available to keep the costs – and therefore the price – of a website low. We offer a one-stop-shop website solution. You don’t have to worry about or negotiate for a good hosting deal or domain name.
And we make sure that we truly listen and understand your business needs, there’s no blanket solution. We create a website that supports your specific business needs and we work together to arrive at an optimal result.
We do web works and we ensure that the web works for you.
More Impact will continue to provide business listings for free on southgoalife.in.

Make yourself and your business known –
attract new customers

an alluring and informative website

Show what you do and what you sell –
connect and increase sales

an online showroom for your local business

Extend your reach – Sell your products, services to a whole new customer base

eCommerce, WebShop, online bookings

Read more about the options and products, and the introductory prices at the More Impact website.
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